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Byrdie UK: How long does it typically take to heal? Is it painful to sleep on Nose Rings? JH: Applying any pressure onto the piercing while it’s healing will prolong the healing process. We would recommend not sleeping on it for the first couple of months. Travel pillows can come in handy to prevent pressure. A lot of things will factor into the healing time of a piercing, but generally, we would say anywhere between six to 12 months. (Editor's note: Any ear cartilage piercing is tricky to heal, but the tragus, in particular, gets in the way when talking on the phone, listening to earphones/earbuds, body piercing jewelry display or using a Bluetooth earpiece. It's best to avoid all of those on that ear for a few weeks if possible. Germs that are likely to be on those ear devices will also stunt the healing process.)